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Questions to ask your tutor

​1. Who will do the tutoring?
2. What are the tutor´s qualifications?
3. What is the tutor´s track records?
4. Where will the sessions take place?
5. How many students will be tutored at a time?
​6. How will the tutor measure the student´s    progress?
7. How often will the tutor communicate with you and the student´s teacher?
8. What is the policy for cancellations and makeup sessions?
9. What if your child doesn´t improve?
10. How can you reinforce your child´s learning?

Student registration


Tutors in California offer tutoring in most school subjects. To find a tutor you can go to the find a tutor page and look for a tutor on the tutor list for your state and find out how much they charge. But if you can´t find a tutor in your area you can put your name on the student list where tutors can find you and then contact you. Whatever you choose to do we wish you successful tutoring sessons.

Filling out the form

Please fill out all the information requested in the form below. It will give us the information we need to contact you and to determine who is the best tutor available in your area. Please note: you must be at least 18 years or older to fill out this form. If you are not, then we need one of your parents, custodians, and/or legal guardians to fill it out. If there is more than one student to register, please fill out a seperate form for each one.

Tutoring rates: Before you submit your information, go to find a tutor page to learn about the individual tutor rates.

Tutors in California

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Tutors in California

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