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The role of a tutor is to help a student when his/her academic skills are not at the level he/she thinks they should be at. The tutors at Tutors in California use research-based strategies that are effective and they develop an individual instructional plan for the student based upon pre testing school data.

How to meet your tutor?


Make sure that you speak with your tutor on the telephone before your first session. Since you are finding him/her online, you want to make sure that he/she is a legitimate tutor.

Do not be afraid to ask your tutor questions about himself/herself and his/her qualifications. You are going to be paying this person money to help you so you have the right to question his/her capabilities.

Do not rely on electronic communication to schedule your tutoring sessions. Online communication is often difficult to interpret.

Let someone know where you are going, who you are meeting, what his/her phone number is, and  how you can be reached before you leave for the session.

If possible, have a parent or friend come with you to the first session to make sure you are in good hands.

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How to use your tutor

The tutor is not doing your assignments for you but only helping you to complete your work. Be honest with your tutor; ask him/her for assistance because you don't understand the problem, and not because you just don't feel like completing it.

It is important that you prepare for each session by completing all of the work that your tutor has assigned to you.

Keep a list of the problems you had difficulty completing, and any questions that may have arisen when you were doing the assignment. Make a list of questions that may have arisen while you were in class or while doing your homework for school. By doing this you will know exactly what to ask your tutor during the session.

Tutoring will only be effective if you do the work that is required both during and outside of tutoring sessions.

Bring all necessary supplies to your session such as your school notebook, textbooks, notes from past tutoring sessions, work assigned to you by your tutor, pens, pencils, extra paper, and any other supplies that you may need.

Tutors in California 

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